Someone has finally combined LingBuzz (the archive of linguistics articles) and BuzzFeed (I assume you already know what BuzzFeed is) into LingBuzzFeed, your source of linguistics listicles. There’s only one up at the moment, but it’s pretty great: 5 Linguistically Valuable Uses For Drones.

I think my favourite might be the Isogloss Enforcement Drone, especially because of the illustration: 

Isoglosses are the neat lines on a map that divide dialects from one another according to their linguistic features. Unfortunately it’s long been known that isoglosses are an inadequate representation of dialect reality, since outliers can usually be found on both sides of the line.

With the Isogloss Enforcement Drone, we can finally do something about this lamentable situation! Equipped with an SMG and mini grenade launcher, this drone will patrol up and down the isogloss, punishing dialect offenders and occasionally launching seek-and-destroy missions for outlying deviant speakers. All while you bake a cake or watch a DVD of Downton Abbey.

However, all five uses are indeed very Linguistically Valuable, so you should read the whole thing, and I expect to see governmental funding agencies vying to support such valuable research (which can conveniently draw on both research and defence budgets). 

Obligatory disclaimer that AllThingsLinguistic does not condone violence of any kind, not even against annoying prescriptivists